Thursday, February 3, 2011

Booby Traps!

That is the title of one Tab on the Earth Shift Products Website!

Life is filled with these mysterious little buggers. Often we never see them coming. Then when we learn how to recognize these traps as we approach them, often our bodies or minds are addicted toe the backlash of punishment that occurs from the self inflicted choice. Soem enjoy more intense pain than others. Some seek sympathy, others still distance themselves from others as a further punishment. Excuses excuses... Little boy blue jumped over the moon and the little boy cries "Wolf" who can we believe? Listen to the T.V.?

Great information lies right beneath our noses. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy each day.

Pure Joy dwells with-in.
All are This One great I am.
How is it we are choosing to see?
Where is it our focus is taking - US?
On Carnal Glee with Thee - Eternal Focus - Fleeting?
Eternal Spirit is Calling,
Always in LOVE.,
The Fraternal creation
in the Maternal Flow-ers.

The time has come,
we are now-HERE.
Nowhere else can this be done.
ONly with - IN

The Transition has begun,
at the time of our Birth.
Always with wider Girth,
Follow the Sun!

The TIME, NOW here.BE the CHANGE!

Thank You for sharign your time and efforts as we grow this Big Crazy Dream of Feeding our Children with Real Food!

Next - The Code of Food Honor!
The next step in Codex Alimentarius - (Revisited 3.3.3abc)

What's Right with our Food System?

Have you Found Angel Chocolate Yet?

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance


Friday, July 9, 2010


Save $$$ today!

Enjoy Wholesale prices on
Raw Chocolate Love!

All varieties of chocolate are on sale!
Call to place your order today!

Monkey Crunch (banana, walnut, nib),
Goji coconut nib
2 oz packages Retail $7.50 only $6

Butter cups:
Almond or Cashew
Retail $2 only $1.50 ea

Banana bites: Sun dried bananas covered in RCL
$18/# Special $12/#
Frozen bananas dipped in Truly Raw Chocolate: (with coconut oil, mucuna, mesquite powder, vanilla caviar) coated with goji, nibs & coconut
7.50 Special $6.50
Available at Banana Festival August

Current Pick up locations:
2135 Dale Ave (kitchen)
What stores do you wish to see RCL?
Ask for it!
Call today 916.572.6010
~Shipping available~

RCL is Nutritionally Dense.
Enjoy Respectfully.
Fill your heart with Joy!
Feel the Love!

WARNING!!! For Nutritional purposes only!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello Family!
If you are reading this it is likely that you have missed the last 3 fun Raw food vegan cafe experiments. Most recently The Art of Food! Now The Green Boheme just before TAO Food! was Pure Joy cafe inside the State Board of Equalization which converted to The Green Goddess and stayed open another 2 months. "High Tower Cafe" which never made it passed the concept and fund raising stages was set to open inside an upscale & unique yoga studio in historic Folsom, CA

I am joyful to share with you that the focus is staying on our packaged products for retail outlets. I am a bit ADD/ADDHD! C'est la vie! once our packaged line is established we will continue with our endeavors to put Real Food into Schools through our non profit organization called Longevity Nutrition.

To see what is currently being offered by Synergy Chef Collaborative check out the following blogs and websites: - Buyer's Club *** Upcoming site *** current events & collaborative efforts

If you have any favorite foods you wish to see in a bio degradable package and available in your local store please send us your requests to :

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time keeps on slipping....

Well Family! if you have not heard yet.
Pure Joy- The Cafe is Gone!
Pure Joy Lives on in my heart and the hearts of many.
Thank You for so many wonderful loving experiences!!!

Look forward to seeing you where all the energy has gone for the last 12 months.

See You Soon!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Now Green Goddess...

Pure Joy has shifted gears to serve You the freshest take-out Live Vegan Dishes with the best flavors and vibrant energy.

The Phone # is the same 916.519.6288

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Menu coming soon!

Ah it is a beautiful change of the seasons!

Pure Joy now has a direct line 916.519.6288

Becky has taken a leave of personal health advocacy from our Pure Joy Cafe!

Please welcome the dynamic Shannon to warm your heart and soul as she shares the love she has for You!

A new menu is under development for Pure Joy cafe and we are taking your requests for your favorite dishes from your life. Our greatest Joy is recreating your favorite dishes in the most healthful fashion. Be bold ask for anything you can dream up. You can send your wildest dreams to

Also Coming Soon! "The Art of Food! Live Cafe' and Tonic bar will be serving up the Best Live Organic Foods, Tonics from world renowned individuals and of course the best Tea on the planet. All this brought to you in the a cozy community center built just for You! You are invited to drop by anytime to see the progress at 1825 Del Paso Blvd in the heart of the Art district.

We have a beautiful garden space with opportunities for individuals or families to earn shares in the crop. We will be imploring bio-intensive permaculture into a 60 foot by 60 foot space.

If this is you and you are ready to be a department head or a soldier in the creation of this beautiful space send an e-mail to garden at

Look forward to hearing from you! And we will see you in Pure Joy!

The Art of Food is 916.920.4ART
Synergy Chef 370 # now forwards to 916.925.6141

We are Growing and we are Grateful to you for sharing your dreams together we are creating a beautiful reality.

This Month Only WE are offering $120 gift certificates to BOTH Pure Joy and The Art of Food for a $100 investment. Get yours today!