Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello Family!
If you are reading this it is likely that you have missed the last 3 fun Raw food vegan cafe experiments. Most recently The Art of Food! Now The Green Boheme just before TAO Food! was Pure Joy cafe inside the State Board of Equalization which converted to The Green Goddess and stayed open another 2 months. "High Tower Cafe" which never made it passed the concept and fund raising stages was set to open inside an upscale & unique yoga studio in historic Folsom, CA

I am joyful to share with you that the focus is staying on our packaged products for retail outlets. I am a bit ADD/ADDHD! C'est la vie! once our packaged line is established we will continue with our endeavors to put Real Food into Schools through our non profit organization called Longevity Nutrition.

To see what is currently being offered by Synergy Chef Collaborative check out the following blogs and websites: - Buyer's Club *** Upcoming site *** current events & collaborative efforts

If you have any favorite foods you wish to see in a bio degradable package and available in your local store please send us your requests to :

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