Friday, July 9, 2010


Save $$$ today!

Enjoy Wholesale prices on
Raw Chocolate Love!

All varieties of chocolate are on sale!
Call to place your order today!

Monkey Crunch (banana, walnut, nib),
Goji coconut nib
2 oz packages Retail $7.50 only $6

Butter cups:
Almond or Cashew
Retail $2 only $1.50 ea

Banana bites: Sun dried bananas covered in RCL
$18/# Special $12/#
Frozen bananas dipped in Truly Raw Chocolate: (with coconut oil, mucuna, mesquite powder, vanilla caviar) coated with goji, nibs & coconut
7.50 Special $6.50
Available at Banana Festival August

Current Pick up locations:
2135 Dale Ave (kitchen)
What stores do you wish to see RCL?
Ask for it!
Call today 916.572.6010
~Shipping available~

RCL is Nutritionally Dense.
Enjoy Respectfully.
Fill your heart with Joy!
Feel the Love!

WARNING!!! For Nutritional purposes only!

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